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Data Breach and Your Business

cyberinsuranceCyber Liability Insurance is a coverage that many businesses have overlooked in the hopes of keeping costs down in tough market conditions. With the dramatic increase of highly publicized data breaches faced by major retailers, health insurance companies, and banks, cyber liability coverage is finally gaining the attention it deserves.

In today’s market many businesses focus on network security as a way to minimize the likelihood of a breach:

  • Make sure that passwords are a certain length with special characters to make sure that they are difficult to replicate
  • Firewalls are always up and running and constantly being monitored

Google Continues Its Commitment to Small Business: Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map

google-business-owners-660x370According to a December 2014 report complied by data company Oxera, on behalf of Google, just 37% of small businesses have a local search listing on any search engine.

This figure is important because people are 38% more likely to visit a small business that’s listed online. And further, 29% of people asked said they are more likely to consider buying something from those businesses listed online. So, without a local business listing on a search engine, small businesses are missing out on potential customers.

Apple Introduces ResearchKit

Apple-ResearchKit-2Since the beginning of its career, Apple has released many different products: the Mac computers, iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Watch to name a few. Most recently, Apple released possibly the most important product ever. It’s called ResearchKit. This software toolkit allows research scientists to write iPhone apps for medical studies. This may sound like a bore, but it is a huge deal.

Digital Dining

Digital DiningAre people even going to restaurants anymore? Why travel the distance when you can have any type of cuisine delivered straight to your door. If you do go, are you being served or are you using a computer or iPad to put in your order?

Food service stations and restaurants are going digital! Point of Sale (POS) systems are being used to take orders in restaurants. Now customers can use a tablet to look at the menu and then put in what they want, pay and then get their food at the table or at a pick up counter.

Gogo Inflight Internet

gogo-inflightFlying can be a pain, especially without a wireless connection. Being disconnected from the world can really be cumbersome when trying to operate a business.

Emails need to be answered in a timely fashion or else nothing gets done, which can cause stress levels to rise higher than the clouds. Now, there’s a solution to this problem: WI-FI on airplanes via Gogo! Sound amazing, however – as much as we all like to be connected to the rest of the world 24/7 – what is the true cost for in-air connectivity?

Liability Shift: The Security Behind the EMV Transition

emv_keyConsumer Data Breach: it’s the phrase that neither a consumer, nor a merchant, wants to hear. Unfortunately, the reports of large scale data breach have increased dramatically over the past few years. Global companies like Target, Sony, and Home Depot have all experienced compromised data. In addition, companies you’d expect would be well protected, like JP Morgan Chase, have had their secure networks exposed, and client data flushed onto the hard drives of nefarious black market peddlers. Credit card fraud has become far too common, putting both consumers and business at risk.

Best Practices for SMB YouTube Marketing

large red play buttonIn 2005, YouTube was launched and no one really knew what it was. Today, YouTube has more than 1 billion users with 300 hours of videos uploaded every minute and the hours people are watching videos are increasing by 50% each month.

So why aren’t you using this to your advantage? All those views, all those people, all that exposure.

Yes, creating videos for YouTube can be a large time commitment, but it could also be used to market your business. Kind of like a homemade commercial. However it’s important to use the right equipment and have your video properly edited. This will entice more people to watch what you have and click on more videos.

Mobilegeddon? Google’s Latest Algorithm Change Hits Hard

going-mobileWe warned you it was coming, now “Mobilegeddon” is here.

Beginning Tuesday April 21, Google is launching an algorithm change to favor websites that are mobile-friendly.

This means people who use Google for search on their mobile devices may not find many of their favorite sites at the top of the rankings, and many businesses around the world may discover their search ranking has been downgraded. Websites that display links that are hard to click or force users to scroll horizontally will also be docked.

The update will not affect results from desktop searches. 

5 Tips for Effective Time Management

effective-time-managementDo you feel exhausted by the end of day? Does your “to-do” list seem endless? Gain control over your time and you’ll not only feel better but accomplish more, too.

These tips taken from The Xerox Small Business Blog can be helpful, and can take some of the pressure off your shoulders.

  1. Make time management your first priority – Take a few moments to prioritize your daily action items. The best time for this is either first thing in the morning or the last thing before you leave the office. Use whichever time slot works best for your schedule, but make sure you do it consistently. From your list, do urgent and important tasks first (avoid knocking the ‘easy’ items off the list first!). Create a reminder system. This will help you manage your projects and stay in control.

We’re Here to Help: Newtek Professional Services

Young_Man_Computer (Happy)As a small business-centric company, we understand that many of our customers face limited personnel, budgetary, and technology resources. This is why we offer a range of professional services to address various needs beyond the core technology products we provide and support.

It’s important to note that when we say professional services, we are not referring to general customer and technical support – if you have an issue or need assistance with something, our customer and technical support teams are always available, 24/7/365, at no additional cost. That’s a benefit you receive as a customer. But if you need help beyond that – if you need help manually installing an app, or configuring your server, or redesigning your website, or need someone to setup and configure new email accounts (and so on) – our teams of professionals are here to help at an affordable rate.